A miserable life of a lonely boy


Wandering around the streets I looked at the open sky to ask angles for help.I lost my parents amonth ago in a plane crash and since then I have been sleeping on foothpaths with sky as my only roof.The harsh winter nights tried to kill me but I survived.Maybe because I had some more brutal days to live.One day I met a stranger who seemed as a friendly person.He gave me butter and loaf and took me to his home.I was glad to see that there are still kind people on Earth but I was wring.I became a fool and was trapped.He called his master who smiled(like a villain) and ordered me to become a begger.He said that he will cut my arms so that people could pity me and that I was now in his custody.He wanted me to get him money but to me begging was a bad thing so I screamed a big NO and tried to escape.I ran as fast as I could and his gang was running after me.My heart started to sink,chills ran down my spine and fear gripped my soul.I knew I was about to be killed but the feeling of being with my parents again made me smile for the last time.Image


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