Am I a Weirdo…?

Well, I don’t know from where to start but I really have to start because I want to know if I am a real “wirdo”.This is what everyone calls me as everything I do is different from my class mates. First of all, I have a unique way of holding the pen. I place the pen or pencil between my ring man and the big man finger instead of holding it with my pointer finger. On top of that I am a lefty(this is not something wring because 25% people on Earth are lefty I believe).Presently I am in grade 12 and since kindergarten all my teachers have been amazed by my style of writing. And this year I heard two of the teachers  discussing about my writing skill in the examination hall which distracted me and I couldn’t concentrate on physics paper.(Sigh).What I don’t understand is that why do people bother much about others…WHY..? Moreover some people blame my mom for not teaching me the correct way of holding the pen during my childhood. Why do people care or I must say observe my writing style when my writing is good. Maybe it’s very obvious and it makes my different from my friend.

The second reason I may be called a “Weirdo” is that I talk really less. It’s just that I have not been able to find a friend of my type ever since I moved to Saudi Arabia. I was extremely loquacious when small and me and my best friend IQRA(she may not be reading this but YES I do miss youL ! ) used to laugh like lunatic kids in class. But time has changed me and I have become a quiet person who loves to live in seclusion.

On top of that, from the moment I enter my class I open my physics book and start reading it. My classmates call me a “A Physics freak” but I accept that I love Physics and I wish I could go to the past and meet Einstein. I  have now got glasses as well which makes me look like a real NERD.


I will post my families opinion about me soon..Please let me know if anyone else has some weird styles cuz I don’t want to be the only weird Image


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  2. YOU ARE A REALLY COOL KID I THINK! I’m just wandering on the net and I’m from China, I like the way you express yourself, you are definitely a brilliant person, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THE SAME WITH OTHERS, just ignore them, be yourself so long as you feel comfortable with yourself. cheers! 🙂

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