Can child labour ever be justified?


Child labour is defined as the employment of children under the age of eighteen years.It is practiced in developing nations despite of it being condemned universally.Child labour is considered by many people as the exploitation of children,It is also considered to violate the universal schooling and children rights.Childhood is a time when children require love,care and affection from their family members.It is a learning period which enables a child to understand the difference between the right and the wrong in order to become a useful member of the society.Children are nurtured and provided with compassionate learning environment at home as well as in school.Moreover,education that children receive helps to foster the principle of egalitarianism and paves the path leading to disillusionment.
A child who starts to work at an early age instead of attending school is deprived of the childhood fun and education.He works hard just to earn a few dollars(Not even that in our country) so as to meet his family’s needs.Furthermore,children are often forced to work for long hours if the employer is tyrannical and formidable.A child is threatened or beaten if he refuses to work overtime.A poor soul has no other option but to listen to his harsh boss.I saw a recent documentary which shows slums in Pakistan and the live of penurious people.A child in his early teens was asked for his reason of working in the food factory.He told the interviewer that his father beats his mother if there is no food in the home and does not works himself.Tears could be seen in his eyes as he told his sad story.In addition,he also told that he loves to study subjects such as poetry,music and English but has no time and money.Such is the mentality of the men belonging to illiterate background in poor country.This has to be overcome if we want the children of this nation to get their rights.

O my brothers and sisters of Pakistan we all should rasie our voice against the child labour which is practiced indiscrimatedly in our country.Every child has the right to get proper education and to live his life by his way.For this it is our duty to help them.I really hope that Pakistan will get a good and a loyal leader in future which would help to reduce the gap between the affluent and the poor.Your views about how can we eliminate childlabour from our society are most welcomed.


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