When I was leaving Karachi…


Mom came happily in my room and told, “Your dad has got a new job in Saudi Arabia and we will be leaving Pakistan at the end of this month”. And then she left the room without further explanation because I guess she had to give this news to everyone in our neighbourhood.I had never thought something like this will happen with me when I have to leave my friends and go to a foreign land. The thought of bading farewell to my best buddies was unbearable and I sobbed and sobbed the whole night.

I have always been a patriotic Pakistani and Karachi is my love. I really feel bad when I hear pessimist views about my country and particularly my city.Anyways,now lets come back to the topic.(I forgot to mention that I was very famous in my school-the City school and I never wanted to leave it).I went to the school and told this news to my friends who were really shocked. In short, they gave me my last party and after hugging and crying I said them adios.

It was 25th January 2009 when I saw Karachi for the last time. On my way to Jinnah International Airport I saw Tuesday market, Hobnobs pastery shop and had Mcflurry from the airport’s McDonald. It has now been four whole years and I really want to come back to the city of light. People say that terrorism ,Load shedding and inflation have destroyed the city but there are a lot of good things in our city and we should appreciate them. I wish you all can understand my love for my city and how lonely I feel without my friends. Although Life at Saudi Arabia is good but it can never be compared to the life in our own country. Karachi kay mazaydaar , spicy foods, its colorful buses,Metha paan,Tulsi and the beautiful dresses are really missed by me.

I wish that a miracle will eradicate all the terrorism from our country and make it safe for people to live it so that its citizens will stop finding jobs in other nations and will live together in peace.



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