TRue inspirations…Awesome students of PAKISTAN

1)Ali Moeen Nawazish is a Pakistani student notable for passing 23 A-levels, a world record.He got 21 As, a B, and a C. Nawazish has graduated from Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

2)Ibrahim Shahid, a student of Beaconhouse School System, Boys Branch, Margallah Campus set a new world record by scoring 23 As in Cambridge O level exams.
Shahid sat for 24 subjects and scored 23 As.Attributing his success to his parents, Shahid recalled an incident where his teacher in Australia had written him off, stating that he would “never excel”. He added that every child is special and everyone has their own capabilities.

3)Sitara Brooj Akbar is the female holder of both Pakistani and world records based on her passing of O Level chemistry, biology, English and mathematics between the ages of 9 and 11.Akbar  was also permitted by the British Council to undertake the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test in 2011, and achieved a score of 7 band out of 9.

4)Babar Iqbal is a young I.T. prodigy from Pakistan who started computer programming at the age of 5. He came to prominence by becoming the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in the world at the age of 9, as well as obtaining the record of being the youngest CIWA aged 9, youngest CWNA at 10, youngest Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) at 11 and youngest MCTS in .NET 3.5 at 12

Pakistan has intelligent students who have proved their success in the field of education.It is hoped that they will modify the future of Pakistan and will make it a prosperous country.

P.S there is nothing impossible if one is determined and steadfast so as to fulfill his desire.



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