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A beutiful day



See the sun shining on the window,

Its time to start a new day

Birds are chirping round in the garden,

Its such a lovely day

It’s a beautiful day to sing a song,

It’s a beautiful day to move along,

It’s a beautiful day to do what we want to do…

Lets join hands and work together,

To bring the lost peace.

It’s a day to wake up people,

Our unity will tranquilize our Mother Earth!!

It’s a beautiful day to forgive others,

It’s a beautiful day to make new friends,

It’s a beautiful day to do what I want to do…


I dream of a day…


  • I dream of a day when the world will be full of peace with no room for hatred,vengeance and fiendish acts.
  • I believe in hope and dream of a peaceful motherearth where terrorism would be unheard off.
  • I dream of the world where all the religions are respected and everyone lives safe and sound with no fear.



“You may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one,

I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one”

Life of a high school student


Life of a high school student (particularly speaking about 12 graders) is hard and tiring. All one is expected to do is study in order to meet the expectations of his parents and teachers. Due to intense competition worldwide students have to get excellent grades so as to get admission in their desired universities. Taking tuitions, attending extra classes, watching tutorials on internet and studying thick books is the part of his daily routine. Moreover apart of the CIE examinations they have to give SATs, TOFELS or IELTS to clear the admission procedure. In Pakistan getting admission in the renowned university is a highly difficult task until n unless you are a nerd type. You have to give their admission test and then there are numerous interviews and panel discussion .Lucky are those you clear all the levels and get their admission. Along with the study routine there are several extracurricular activities one has to take part in order to get certificates. You may be wondering that why am I writing about A2 students all of a sudden is because I my self is going through this stage and its really tedious. I really hope and I along with all the hardworking students get admission in good universities.P.S I do feel pity on our lives.Its all black with no shades of grey.:(

Also the tuition fees of universities is soaring day by day which has increased the pressure on the parents of students.Only those who can afford expensive universities like Cambrige and Harvard can have their children into it.There is truly no place for the mediocre and ofcourse the poor children.Image

Stop the massive genocide of Hazaras in Quetta!


It is heartbreaking that Balochistan which was once an awesome provice of Pakistan is now under threat.Quetta,the largest city of Balochistan province was a tourist place with its green valleys and mountaneous areas.I remember how my grandmother used to tell me stories of her visit to Quetta.Also many of my friends used to go to Quetta in our summer vacations.But alas,things have changed drastically in a short span of time.Due to Taliban’s domination in the province alot of innocent civilians have lost their lives.It like a massive genocide is being done of the people of Balochistan.Worse still,the government has turned a blind eye to it.No actions are being taken to stop the killing of the Hazaras.And this is the reason,a large population of them have fled to Australia.By risking their lives,they are now settling in Australia as illegal immigrants.I really hope that someday Hazaras will get their justice and they will not have to leave their home country.Till then lets us pray and hope  for peace in Pakistan because hope substain the world.

Afterall,the killing of a single innocent person is the killing of the whole mankind.:(