Dear LIfe


Life is too short to be a bad person.From the experiences I have gained from this seventeen years of my life has made me realise that god has sent us on Earth to be a good person.To be caring,loving,pious and helping others especially poors is what God want from us.This life is a transitory period which is actually a test from God.But alas,the glitters of this evil world diverts a man from this actual path.This is the reason we see crimes taking place in every part of this world.I dont understand why do people commit sins when we know that it is bad.Moreover no one can deny death.Who ever has been born on this mother Earth shall has to taste death.The question arises that if we all believe in death then why dont we prepare for afterlife and become good humanbeings.

Humans are forever running to gather wealth inordet to improve their standards.In doing so,we also lie and decieve others(consiously or subconsciosly) but the time of death is running around us.

We should take out time to thank God for all he has given us.My friends,health is the most precious gift of god but we dont realise till until we actually suffer from the detremental diseases.Just now I was seeing my mother coughing badly and I realised that life is very short and we should try to do good deeds before it is too late.I also realised that parents are gods blessings uopn us and we should never make them disappointed.Dear pals,we should remember death before sleeping which would prevent us from going astray.


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