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Raising awareness ,Acid attacks


It is a decade old incident but it still bring tears in the eyes of Zahra’s elder sister.It was a tradition in Miawali(a village in Pakistan) to fix the wedding of a girl as soon as she was given birth.Usually the age gap between the husband and the wife used to be more than twnty to thirty years.No girl ever complained about it because they knew they will be placed in problem if they argue with their elders and will become notorious in the society.

Such was not the case with Zahra.She was different from all the other girls of the village.She dreamt of visiting big cities she has read in stories and she wanted to acquire education.In Miawali the girls education was only till 5th grade.After she passed grade 5 with first position ,she asled her parents to take her to city for completing her education.But to her surprise she was told that soon she was going to get married and stop stop dreaming.

After few days a man about 50 years old came to her their house.Zahra was told to behave well and bring a cup of tea for the man. She did as ordered.The man kept starring at her with his eyes as big as owls  as she served him the coffee.Zahra became nervous and ran into her sister’s room.She was told by her sister that this man was her about to be husband.Zahra could not accept this brutality and refused to marry him.

Her entire family thought that books have brainwashed her.Worse still the whole neighbourhood critised the family for breaking the tradition and for raising an ill-mannered daughter.The man(her about to be husband) could not tolerate someone so small as Zahra rejecting him.He became furious and threw acid on her face.

All her dreams were shattered.An innocent girl of just eleven had her face spoiled.She used to scream each time she saw her face in the mirror.her life was ruined.She knew that she was a shame to her family and so she committed suicide.

This was a tragic end to the story of an innocent girl.Didnt she has the right to study and fulfill her dreams.the man who did this horrendous act was never convicted.There are hundreds of similar stories each year but nothing is done to stop this.The question is: Why is the acid so easily available in the shop? And why doesn’t the government take any action against such people?

We have to widern the horizons of the villagers before any other girl experiences injustice like Zahra.


5 of my wishes I want to get fulfilled.


1)I want to study in oxford university.Since I was in grade 3 I admired the university but I know I cant study there because my parents cant afford it.I wish I get scholarship somehow so that I can attain atleast a course from their. 😦

2)I want to open my very own charity foundation in Pakistan so that I can support the orphans.I want to work for girls education and provide them with their due rights.For this again I need money.I hope I will be able to earn this much in the coming future.

3)I want to marry a guy who never gets angry and will eat any food that I will cook.While most girls want to marry hot handsome guys,I just want my future husband to be kind hearted and should respect my family.

4)I want to reach the acme of my career.Till now I haven’t decided which field to choose but I still want to beacon the name of my parents.It was my dads wish to work in a renowed bank and now I want to fulfill his wish.

5)My last wish is that I want to remove terrorism from this world and bring back peace.I know it is very hard but I still wish for it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape


Lake Saif ul MalukLake Saif ul maluk

So I know this place has been captured hundreds of times before, and more beautifully too, but the serene awesomeness of this place makes you just grab the camera and click away.

This lake used to be once visited by foreigners but alas the country’s conditions have prevented any more foreigners from visiting this awesome scenic beauty.

Graduation 2013


How fast did I grow up…?like seriously it was just yesterday I was playing with the Barbie dolls with my cousins and the feeling that I have spent 17 years of my life is overwhelming.

I had my graduation a week ago and the worst part is that I didn’t attend the ceremony.Crazy right??Well that’s because it was kinda too expensive.Anyhow I am happy that I got excellence award in the first year of my Alevels.

I have my Alevels exam starting from next week and I am wasting my time.I just cant study..;(   may be its because I am really worried from my future.I don’t know which university will accept me.I still did not get acceptance from the university I applied in.Worse still.I have always been an outstanding Science student and got 7 A*s in my olevels.But …but…my  dad wants me to do bsc in finance.What…I don’t even no a shit about accounts and finance.If anyone here knows about them so please guide me.And the feeling of getting separated from my parents and siblings is too scary.I am only 17 and I don’t feel like living in the hostel.What if I don’t like the food or my roommate.please people I want your support.

I have been living in saudiaarabia for about 4 years and now its time to go back to Pakistan and get resettle in Karachi.I think I should go and study statistics now or else I will fail in my exams.So bye for now. !!


I could smell the wet blood as I was lying on the floor.I was in extreme pain unable to move my body.I tried moving my lips to say few things to my children but all in vain. After a very long struggle I tried and opened my eyes for the last time.Alas..the room was filled with dead bodies.They all were lying helpless just like me. The wounds were indescribable. I rolled my eyes to the other side and saw my kids crying. They knew I will not live with them any longer. It is indeed sad that the room which was filled with an air of happiness turned into a death chamber just because a suicide bomber was instructed to explode in a commercial area.

I knew I was about to leave this world and would go to a better place (the paraside) where there will be no bloodshed and vengeance but what about my children…? Do they have to suffer in this world with increased terrorism? I told them to live together in peace and to promote the message of unity as it is the only way to broaden the thinking of others and to stop the genocides.