Daily Archives: April 17, 2013


I could smell the wet blood as I was lying on the floor.I was in extreme pain unable to move my body.I tried moving my lips to say few things to my children but all in vain. After a very long struggle I tried and opened my eyes for the last time.Alas..the room was filled with dead bodies.They all were lying helpless just like me. The wounds were indescribable. I rolled my eyes to the other side and saw my kids crying. They knew I will not live with them any longer. It is indeed sad that the room which was filled with an air of happiness turned into a death chamber just because a suicide bomber was instructed to explode in a commercial area.

I knew I was about to leave this world and would go to a better place (the paraside) where there will be no bloodshed and vengeance but what about my children…? Do they have to suffer in this world with increased terrorism? I told them to live together in peace and to promote the message of unity as it is the only way to broaden the thinking of others and to stop the genocides.