Graduation 2013


How fast did I grow up…?like seriously it was just yesterday I was playing with the Barbie dolls with my cousins and the feeling that I have spent 17 years of my life is overwhelming.

I had my graduation a week ago and the worst part is that I didn’t attend the ceremony.Crazy right??Well that’s because it was kinda too expensive.Anyhow I am happy that I got excellence award in the first year of my Alevels.

I have my Alevels exam starting from next week and I am wasting my time.I just cant study..;(   may be its because I am really worried from my future.I don’t know which university will accept me.I still did not get acceptance from the university I applied in.Worse still.I have always been an outstanding Science student and got 7 A*s in my olevels.But …but…my  dad wants me to do bsc in finance.What…I don’t even no a shit about accounts and finance.If anyone here knows about them so please guide me.And the feeling of getting separated from my parents and siblings is too scary.I am only 17 and I don’t feel like living in the hostel.What if I don’t like the food or my roommate.please people I want your support.

I have been living in saudiaarabia for about 4 years and now its time to go back to Pakistan and get resettle in Karachi.I think I should go and study statistics now or else I will fail in my exams.So bye for now. !!


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