5 of my wishes I want to get fulfilled.


1)I want to study in oxford university.Since I was in grade 3 I admired the university but I know I cant study there because my parents cant afford it.I wish I get scholarship somehow so that I can attain atleast a course from their. 😦

2)I want to open my very own charity foundation in Pakistan so that I can support the orphans.I want to work for girls education and provide them with their due rights.For this again I need money.I hope I will be able to earn this much in the coming future.

3)I want to marry a guy who never gets angry and will eat any food that I will cook.While most girls want to marry hot handsome guys,I just want my future husband to be kind hearted and should respect my family.

4)I want to reach the acme of my career.Till now I haven’t decided which field to choose but I still want to beacon the name of my parents.It was my dads wish to work in a renowed bank and now I want to fulfill his wish.

5)My last wish is that I want to remove terrorism from this world and bring back peace.I know it is very hard but I still wish for it.


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