Daily post-the zone


Time appears to slow down when I am in a library.There are thousands of books around me each one having a lot of information stored to be read.It the place I adore the most.The feeling when you read and understand what the author is trying to explain is so amazing.The silence of library and the sound of turning the pages encourages me to stay there for long and to study.
I find myself a better person after visiting the library everytime.This is because the variety of information that I get from the authors widerns my horizon.It provides me more knowledge.Library is my favourite zone.I visit there very weekend and I am very excited that now I will be able to go to library every day in university.
This post is written in response to Daily Prompt – The Zone.


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  1. I Know the feelinf. I also lové
    Library and books store so much to discover, times fly when you are in there, always a suprise, a new discovery, a pleasure close by.

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