last five days left in saudiarabia…


Life continues to move on and on.It brings new challenges and oppurtunities in everyones life.There are some difficult,gloomy moments but they too gets passed.All that remains with us are our memories-some bad and some good.

It was in Febuary,2009 when I came to Saudia Arabia.My dad got a job in a community college in Hafr.Shifting from Karachi-a huge metropolitan city to a small alien town was very difficult for me.I left all my friends(which I still miss)and came to a place where everyone spoke Arabic and I knew nothing.

For first three months I had no internet and neither did I make any friends in the small school in Hafr.Finally my dad decided to shift our family to Dammam-which is a big city and has all the facilities.It took me more than a year to adjust myself in the new environment.I changed school which was a lot better and made some friends.

Time passed by too quickly that I didn’t realize.It now been more than 4 years in KSA alhamduillah and its now time to say goodbye and to go back to my country inorder to continue my studies.I have mixed feelings as it really difficult to readjust my self in Pakistan.

Some of the best things that I like about Saudia Arabia are:

1.I could go to Makkah and Madina at any time of the year which was so expensive from Pakistan.I am very happy that God gave me an opportunity to come to his home for Umrah several times.I’ll really miss this.

2.My family and I went to Jordan,UAE,Bahrain and Dubai by road from KSA.The high ways here are awesome and there are good restaurants at stops.I was able to visit so many countries from here.:)

3.KSA is a corruption free country.At least there are no streat crimes here unlike Pakistan

Well,I am gonna miss this chapter of my life.I really wish that the next chapter of my life will be much better and full of cherishable memories.


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  1. Best of luck for your future! Your residence there at Saudi Arabia must have been really good, you could visit Makkah Medina and do Umraahs all the more you wanted, thats the best part!! God bless.

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