My first year experience of university life


Whoa!!! Its been an year…I cant believe it. It seems just yesterday when my parents came with me to Lahore and bade me goodbye after settling me in the hostel. My first thought about LUMS was that it is just the university I have always imagined. I liked the greenery of the campus as it is very rare for us to find some in Saudi Arabia where I have lived for almost 6 years. In the first week I felt lonely in the campus as most of the groups of students came from the same school and were already friends. Hence my o-week experience was a little strange. However i made a couple of friends in the hostel’s common room and these buddies turned out to be my closest friends in the years time. Moreover I got to experience the diversity at LUMS. There were students from different cities of Pakistan for example I know people from Sargodha, okara, Hyderabad and Kashmir. It was great to know about their culture and tradition. Now coming towards the main point the studies…..I personally found the studies to be hard as firstly we have relative grading and most of the students in my section had already studied the commerce subjects like accounting and economics in their A-levels. I knew nothing about accounting and hence I found it hard. Anyhow with my consistency and dedication I was able to get 3.71 GPA in my first semester.I think the GPA is fine especially for student who didn’t have the commerce background. We had projects and presentations in almost every course so it inculcated the presentation skills in us. Despite the studies being hard we got to learn a lot of new  things. Overall my first year experience of university life was great and is filled with a lot of good memories. 


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