The voice unheard, the tears and cries ignored…..


My fellow friends, today I am going to share with you people a bitter truth. I have been watching the news channels since my childhood and the word that is repeatedly heard is ‘Terrorism’. The word ‘terrorism’ has a negative connotation as it is associated with innocent killing, bloodbath, millions of deaths and loud cries for the lost ones. It creates an atmosphere of sadness and melancholy. Worse still, if a terrorist activity is performed in a third world country like Pakistan then the victims are not even condoled and compensated and their demands are suppressed.  If we talk about Karachi alone, more than thousands of terrorist activities have occurred in the last couple of decades. More than 1 million people have lost their lives, a lot of women have become widows and many more have lost their children. Furthermore, most of the people killed or injured were common civilians. The question that these common citizens are compelled to ask is that ‘why have they been victimized?’ I have seen plenty of videos showing the mothers crying for the killing of their family members without them being involved in any sort of political activity. They are totally broken and it could be felt from their voice. Additionally, in an ever busy city of Karachi I presume that about 80% of the civilians have witnessed or become the victim of petty crimes like stealing and robbery. Many of them have asked the government to compensate them for their loss and to improve the law and order of the city but most of the times their voices have been unheard or ignored. Students have raised the issue of terrorism in Pakistan on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter but rarely any action has been taken to reduce these crimes and terrorist activities. I would like to end this article by saying that how many more people have to lose their life’s, how many mothers have to see the death of their sons in front of their eyes, how much more bloodshed  Karachi has to experience. It is important for government to wake up and work towards betterment or our country will experience a massive brain drain.  dream of seeing peace again in my country, harmony among the citizens and relationship based on trust and unity rather hatred among the different sectarian groups. (Amen)


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