A tribute to all my teachers


Today is not a teachers day but still I want to thank all my teachers who have helped me to become who I am today. I was just going through my previous report cards and thought about all the lovely teachers, each of whom provided me with knowledge and guidance. I remember that I was an average student in grade 3 but my teacher, Miss Sabrina (if thats the right spelling) spent extra time with me and pushed me towards studies. Had she not motivated me, I might still be struggling in studies. Thanks a lot teacher. When in grade 5 I found Urdu language difficult, my teacher Mrs Tazeen gave special remarks and stars each time I had an essay free of grammatical errors which encouraged me to work extra hard in that subject. In grade 7, my English teacher selected me for Spelling Bee Competition when I was unsure of winning. She built my confidence and taught me to believe in my self. Getting my excellence award in English in my O-Levels was because she strengthened my foundation. All my teachers in my primary and secondary classes were exceptional in their own way. I consider myself blessed to have these loving teachers in my life who provided me with in-dept knowledge and I want to thank them all if I get a chance to meet them again.



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