Liebster Award


I would like to thank Vinne of evewanderer11 for nominating me for this. I really appreciate that you took interest in my blog and gave me the prestige for being nominated.

با تشکر, (that's what we say in Persian)liebster-award-logoSo the questions that my nominator asked were
  1. What is the main reason why you started blogging?

I always wanted to write about my new life experiences and stories. I tried maintaining a couple of diaries about my daily journals but in travelling and shifting houses, they both got lost. So I found blogging a better and convenient option. Moreover, I like to share my life experiences with others and relish to read  about others too, which is also one motivation for me to continue my blogging.

2.What sort of activity you really wanted to do but too afraid to do it?

I want to do all sorts of adventurous activities like scuba diving and free diving, however I am too scared to even try it. However, I might in future get training and get rid of my fear.

3.What is your favorite colour and why?

My favorite color is black. Its because I usually look pretty in black dresses (I have got a lot of compliments when I wear black) and also because it is the color of Khana-e Kaaba.

4.Do you believe in horoscope?

Yes, to some extent I do believe in horoscope. Our sign has an impact on us and the movement of stars can impact our future. Although it sounds very superstitious but I think even though we can control most of the things but there are few things which are not in our control. This is why there is a field of astronomy and there are people who study it.

5.Are you left handed or right handed?

I am left handed.

6.What do you like most, reading or writing?

I like reading more than writing 😛

7.Do you have any New Year resolution? please explain.

I dont like making any new Year resolutions unless I follow them precisely. All I believe is that with each passing year, I want to become a better me and to help the poors as much as I can.

8.What is your favorite season?

Spring is my favorite season when its neither too hot nor too cold. Also the city I currently resides in becomes so green and beautiful in spring.

9.If you have a million dollar what will you do to spend it and why?

I would want to visit the Disney World in Florida with my entire family as it has always remained my dad’s dream to take us to that place. Other than that, I really ( from all my hearts) want to help the poor Syrian refugees so I would  use that money to help them and to reduce their problems.

10.Taxi ride on a busy/traffic-jammed road or drive your own car?

Drive my own car.

11.What do you believe in?

I believe in God and I also believe that each one of us has been created for a special purpose and its about time we get to know what is it.

Here are my nominees, please check out their blogs as well 🙂

  1. Yasmin Elahi of yasminelahi.wordpress
  2. Life balance beam
  3. Your well wisher program
  4. vishaal Bheero
  5. Freekreborn of Twinkietalks

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