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Exploring the Artist in me


A lot of things have changed within the span of weeks. Given the contagious nature of coronavirus, the entire globe is in state of havoc with each country trying to take measures to reduce the spread of virus.

Offices have either shut down or employees asked to work inside home premises. In my case, its now been 2 weeks I am working from home. The exam I was studying for got postponed for another 8 months at the minimum and all of the sudden, I have a lot of spare time in my hand.

I have been trying to stay grateful at this time as I have been wanting to read books or simply move my hand on the canvas and paint out my imagination but was always busy with one thing or another.

So in the past week while I was working from home, I did painting using acrylic paints for the first time and this is what it turned out to be:

Here goes the quote of Rumi  “Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about.”


1)Dervish : This painting is after being inspired by Sufism. It shows a mystical connection between a person and God. Dervish is a wanderer and dances in circles to get divine message and attain spirituality. The person is free from the worldly affairs and wants to connect with higher being.



2) AlhamduillahSecond painting is to thank God for all the countless blessings which a person forgets if one of his/her desires has not been fulfilled or answered by God. After all, “What’s meant for you will reach you even if it’s beneath two mountains, and what’s not meant for you won’t reach you even if it’s between your two lips”. We should remain calm, be a better person and have patience, tawaqqul for our desires to be accomplished.



3) Evil Eye Protection: I have seen a lot of souvenirs from Turkey and Syria with a blue eye. It is said to be a belief that having a blue eye in the house protects against Nazr i.e. evil eye. Given the current condition of entire earth and seeing the photo of mother earth wearing a mask flooding the social media, I was motivated to make this painting with the hope that the world will recover from coronavirus soon.


4) Old Lahore: Having lived in Lahore for four years, I loved the old city especially Mochi Gate, Delhi gate and purani anarkali. The buildings although old have vibrant colors and the houses are so close that women can pass the food dishes through windows. The people are poor but lively ‘zinda dil’.


5) SeaView Karachi: Do you wanna have a sair of Karachi with Raju (a.k.a the famous seaview Camel)? This photo is a depiction of my favorite child hood memory of going to seaview with my family and enjoying the thandi hawa of karachi while the rest of the city is polluted.


6) Chai: The last painting for now is a fun one I made as I was missing Pakistan while being away from family at this time. Chai (tea) is the most popular drink in Pakistan and there is a lot of variety with my favorite being Elaichi chai (cardamom tea). Chai has alot of cultural significance and I did something similar to truck art on kettle.

Someone please get me garm garm jaleibi to dip in my doodhpatti… a combination to die for 😛

I made four more paintings and you can see my quarantine wall. Grateful to paint again after a gap of around a decade because of the busy routine. I have been seeing loads of people do cooking, baking, sewing, learning music etc. Although, the situation is tough..on a positive side,  we would have learned a new skill by the time things get to routine.

qurantine wall



Homesick Child

Homesick Child

Hi to all the bloggers out there. I have been out of touch since ages or even centuries. I tried logging on my blog account on laptop but realized that I have forgotten the username and password both (my memory is to be blamed for it :p). Luckily, I was able to login automatically through the phone and here I am writing. (Dont even know if people still read blogs :p)

I went through the posts I wrote in 2014 when i first started writing and was laughing on how immature I was but still received so many positive comments. Guess we all grew up. It’s now 2019 and good five years have passed by. I have changed multiple cities, countries and even continents all by my self but I still miss the smell of rainy roads of Karachi where I spent 13 years of my childhood. I also miss the 17 year old me, super excited to go back to Pakistan from Saudi and study at LUMS. I had so many dreams and passion to make my own school for the poor girls and contribute to the economy. I realized its difficult to get done at this time with no finance of my own and then after studying so much for the 4 years, I got admission in Canada for Masters on scholarship.

The 21 year old girl came all the way to Canada alone ( probably the few Pakistani girls who come alone to a foreign land). These 16 months have been alot of struggle and I experienced things I never did in life. After tons and tons of networking and even more crying, I finally got internship at a dream bank and have finished the program. But I do get homesick especially when I go and meet families living together. I try to keep myself positive and have faith in destiny but no matter wherever I go and become, I will miss the golden carefree days of childhood wandering on the streets of Karachi and coming home to a big loving family (to my Da, baba, mama and siblings)…

P.S: the photo was taken in Gerrad Street,Toronto where I could feel the bit of  Pakistani culture,for a while..




My mom tells  that the very first shop that I went after I started walking was Time Medico. Its a famous grocery outlet in Karachi with all sorts of imported chocolates available. My grand dad used to buy me every single chocolate that I used to pick up on the shelves. I have loved eating chocolates since then and I don’t remember a single day when I haven’t eaten at least one chocolate. I feel that eating chocolates provide me with the energy to study better, it helps me focus more and it also cheers up my mood. Research has also found that chocolates can be useful in overcoming the stress and depression in one’s life.

Chocolates (especially the Galaxy dark, my all time favorite) were my only lunch that I used to take with me to school when all my friends used to bring paratha rolls and egg sandwiches. Interestingly, I have eaten chocolates throughout my teenage and I did not get a single pimple, even though my skin is oily. I do not want to generalize it but I think its a misconception that chocolates lead to pimples. Also, during my O and A-Levels, I used to treat myself with chocolates after finishing each chapter which used to provide me with motivation to study further. I would like to give this as a tip to all the students as it was one of the source that helped me get distinctions.

In short, I really love chocolates and I relish trying different variety of them. Below, I have shared some pictures with my favorite chocolate quotes.

P.S I would love to know which chocolate is liked by you guys the post. 😛


My first year experience of university life


Whoa!!! Its been an year…I cant believe it. It seems just yesterday when my parents came with me to Lahore and bade me goodbye after settling me in the hostel. My first thought about LUMS was that it is just the university I have always imagined. I liked the greenery of the campus as it is very rare for us to find some in Saudi Arabia where I have lived for almost 6 years. In the first week I felt lonely in the campus as most of the groups of students came from the same school and were already friends. Hence my o-week experience was a little strange. However i made a couple of friends in the hostel’s common room and these buddies turned out to be my closest friends in the years time. Moreover I got to experience the diversity at LUMS. There were students from different cities of Pakistan for example I know people from Sargodha, okara, Hyderabad and Kashmir. It was great to know about their culture and tradition. Now coming towards the main point the studies…..I personally found the studies to be hard as firstly we have relative grading and most of the students in my section had already studied the commerce subjects like accounting and economics in their A-levels. I knew nothing about accounting and hence I found it hard. Anyhow with my consistency and dedication I was able to get 3.71 GPA in my first semester.I think the GPA is fine especially for student who didn’t have the commerce background. We had projects and presentations in almost every course so it inculcated the presentation skills in us. Despite the studies being hard we got to learn a lot of new  things. Overall my first year experience of university life was great and is filled with a lot of good memories. 

View from my window just after dawn.


sam.jpg sam2.jpg2013-07-21 06.39.25It was some 15 minutes passed dawn with a beam of light shinning from my window.I heard the chirping of the birds as usual.Usually I am sleeping at this time.However,today I was awake doing some research about my university when I peaked outside from my main window.The view was scenic and amazing and it is then I took few pictures.
thought of sharing with you all.:)

It is true to say that no man made thing can surpass the nature.Thankyou God for blessing us with eyes which enables us to see the natural beauty-the lush green grass,tall tress,the chirping birds,animals and the boundless sky.

Welcome to the season of mangoes ^.^



People of Pakistan love mangoes.Yes this is more than hundred percent true.Be they rich or poor,healthy or unhealthy,when it comes to mangoes,the Pakistani’s can not resist.

There are people in my extended family who have diabetes yet they eat atleast one mango in a day if not more.The day I landed in Pakistan my aunt bought 2 kilo mangoes and she forced me to eat one of every type.Mango is known as the king of all fruits and is very delicious but eating so many at a time is lunatic.However I respect her and ate 5 mangoes together which included Chousa,SIndri,Landgra,Anwar Athol and Daseri.These are different categories of mango with distinctive taste.

The next day my uncle kept a mango party at his home. The food included the gravy of unriped mangoes with beef (which we call “carry ka gosht” in Urdu) with mango prickle.The sweet dish was mango ice cream and a variety of different mangoes and there was mango shake as a drink.The theme was amazing and so was everything.The party made me realize that people here adore mangoes.Everyone waits for summer as they will get to eat their favourite fruit.

Even if the prices of mangoes go high,it doesn’t affect the public because they can do anything to eat one.Moreover,the mangoes of Pakistan are extremely good in quality and are world wide imported.


A night of mystery



A Night Of Mystery  

Written by: Mehak Ali

Edited by: yasir ali

Murders, assassinations, rapes and explosions were very common in Moscow. The FBI agency planned to eliminate all the e wrong doers in order to bring back peace in the city. Sir Jackson Beckham, the head of the Intelligence committee took every case seriously and tried his best to catch the criminal red-handed.

It was 7th July, 1994 when a similar situation took place in the Red Quarter apartment # 25. The day before Mr. Rochester complained that her maid, Flora had disappeared from their home and the following day her hand prints along with the gun shots were found in the apartment # 25 which was adjacent to Mr. Rochester’s apartment.

Sir Jackson, Commander Paul and other team members were ready for their new mission. They were eager to solve the mystery and to punish the culprit. Commander Paul was an old friend of Sir Rochester and believed that Rochester was kind person who although was short-tempered but could never kill someone.However, since people could change themselves depending on the circumstances; he felt the necessity to suspect him.

The FBI team went to the Red Quarter which seemed an old haunted building. To their surprise, the security guard was sweating and praying loudly.Mr Paul asked the guard angrily;”It was you present when the murder took place, right?” The guard replied in a frightened tone;”Y…y…Yes sir. I got a call from apartment number 25 which had always been empty. The ghost threatened me to leave this place immediately or else I will die. I got scared sir because life is precious to everyone and went to my cottage.”

Mr. Shaun (FBI Assistant) said: “You are such an idiot! The murderers pranked you so that you can leave the place and they could successfully accomplish their demonic plan. There are no ghosts…only humans, good humans and bad. Understand?”

Guard: “Yes sir, I feel sorry for whatever happened yesterday. Let me take you to the crime scene.”

The FBI team along with the coward guard went to the apartment where murder was committed. They found the cordless phone plucked in which was used to haunt the guard. More over they found gun shots on the wall and a silver watch.Mr Paul immediately recognized that watch because it was he who gifted this Swiss watch to Sir Rochester on his anniversary. Now the suspect was turning close to reality.”Did Mr. Rochester kill the maid?” he thought.Next, the team went to Sir Rochester’s apartment.

It was midnight when the team knocked Mr. Rochester’s door.Mr Rochester who was choleric became angry when the team started questioning him about eccentric stuff. “Is this the right time to come to someone’s house? His flared.Mr Jackson accused him for killing poor Flora.

Mr. Rochester exclaimed: “I belong to a respectable family. Why will I kill my maid for no reason? Please stop suspecting me.”   Sir Paul stated, “Isn’t this your watch? I found it near the crime scene. What does this prove..?”

Mr. Rochester said, “I know nothing about it sir. I know I have no prove but I swear I am innocent.”

Flora’s friend, Ushna also used to work in the same building. The next day, the FBI agency questioned Ushna about Flora’s death. She felt that the crime was committed by Sir Rochester as she has witnessed Mr. Rochester shouting at Flora for not cleaning the floor properly. She told Flora’s address to the team.Flora’s mother started crying when she heard about her daughter’s death. She told the team members that Flora was raised as a princess. All her wishes were granted by her parents because she was their only child. Two years back Flora got married to the businessman named Michel who lived in Moscow but he refused to take Flora with him. It was only last month when we warned him and he accepted to take Flora with him.Furthermore, Flora’s mother gave picture of their son in law to the team.

Later the team returned back and questioned Michel about the crime. He said that Flora was his wife and killing was surely not done by him. The mystery was becoming convoluted when Sir Jackson came with an idea. The team called all the residents of that building to a conference hall. Sir Paul announced: “We have found Flora’s dead body and you all have to come to the police station to sign the letter that you all recognize her body.” Susie who lived in apartment #13 said: “Sir, when you have found her body, why are you calling us to the station. Crime has been solved and it’s all over.”

Sir Paul; “Everything is not yet over young woman. You have to come and I will hear no excuses.”

The people went back to their apartments while Sir Jackson and his team mates stayed inside the car with blacked windows which they parked near the buildings entrance. After an hour they saw Michel and Susie coming out of the gate and heading towards the nearby park. The team followed them to their final destination.

Susie stated worryingly: “I told you not to bury the body in this public park but you didn’t listen me.”

Michel exclaimed: “Relax honey. Lets dig the place and see whether they really found the body or are just horrifying us.”

They digged the area and found Flora’s body in its place which gave them relief. They started pouring sand over it again when Sir Jackson came out of the car with the hand cuffs.”

He caught both of them and took them to the police office. After being beaten so badly Michel finally confessed the killing of his own wife. He told the team, “I used to love Susie but my family was narrow minded .They asked me to marry Flora who was their niece or else I will not get my father’s property after his death. I wanted money as well as my love and so I agreed to marry Flora. It was not my intention to kill her but I was drunk and by mistake shot her. In the mean while Susie stole Sir Rochester’s watch and kept it in apartment # 25 so that no one could suspect us”

“You guys have made a big mistake by taking an innocent life and will be kept in prison for your whole life”, exclaimed Mr. Jackson.

Moral: ‘As you sow so shall you reap’