A plead

A plead

Its been almost 8 years since I left my hometown, Karachi. I still remember the day when I was bading goodbye to all my friends and the amazing teachers. At that time (back in 2008), Mustafa Kamal was the mayor of Karachi and he was constructing underpasses, overhead bridges and 4 lane roads. I along with the rest of the citizens had hope that the city which is the industrial hub of Pakistan will get improved and the lives of people will be at peace because of fewer traffic jams and congestion.

However the last time I visited Karachi , I literally (without a joke) had tears in my eyes. Coming from  airport to my apartment, all that I witnessed was vehicles coming from the wrong direction. Even the people who looked educated from their appearance were riding the wrong way. On service lane I noticed that cars were coming from both sides even though it was meant to be one-way. People were breaking the traffic signal and there was no police to monitor.

To see the condition of my city being deteriorated with passing days makes me feel sad and I feel like questioning the citizens. Obeying the traffic rules and proper law and order will not make people reach late to their offices, university or meetings. Then why do they not follow the rules? The very same individual who breaks signal here is extremely vigilant when he/she goes abroad in order to avoid the fine. Then why cant we all do the same in Karachi when it is our own city. Every single person can make a difference if he/she starts following rules rather than following the crowd.

The city which was at its peak in the 70’s during Bhutto’s regime and the map of which was used to make what Dubai is now is slowly being destroyed in front of our eyes,yet a little is being done. My point here is not to criticize anyone because I do acknowledge that a lot of good stuff has happened in past 8 years. For instance, Dolmen mall which is the biggest indoor shopping mall of the country has been built, there are a lot of amazing restaurants like Do-Darya and some resorts that have been built. There are also a lot of NGO’s being run to educate the poor. However my point is that we still need to do a lot in order to improve our city which has been attached with a negative connotation. Even within the country, people think of Karachi as a place which is overly crowded with all the terrorist activities going on.  For instance, every time I travel from Lahore airport, the guard stops me because I am from Karachi and checks my bag to make sure everything is fine. Like seriously?

When I visited Karachi last time I asked my uncle who was lamenting about the city’s condition that why don’t you do something? He was like, ‘Bass beti, ham kya kar sakte hain…hokumat kuch nahi karte…awaam behes hai…waghira waghira’

Why is it that we consider ourselves so helpless that we cant do something?? I question myself a lot of times because I know for sure that even though it is very hard for one single person to bring a change but at least we should give it a try. Also ager hokumat kuch nahi karti tou pehle baat, hum us hokumat ko vote kyun dete hain aur dosri baat…ager wo kuch nahi karti tou hum bhi tou chup hain. We should speak for our right. For example if traffic police is not performing the duty, we have the right to be protected against accidents and should protest to ensure they work properly. Lastly…those who say ‘awaam behes hai, they have become heartless etc.’ Aap bhi us awaam ka hissa hain tou instead of accusing others, one should start from himself.

Words aren’t enough of how much I love my city and I know that most of you do the same but we need to do something to improve the condition. To make it once again the pride of the nation and a tourist destination. That something need not be big, we all can start from ourselves…to obey the rules, to help the needy of the city, to plant trees on footpaths etc. As it was recently stated by Obama, ” Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek” .



My mom tells  that the very first shop that I went after I started walking was Time Medico. Its a famous grocery outlet in Karachi with all sorts of imported chocolates available. My grand dad used to buy me every single chocolate that I used to pick up on the shelves. I have loved eating chocolates since then and I don’t remember a single day when I haven’t eaten at least one chocolate. I feel that eating chocolates provide me with the energy to study better, it helps me focus more and it also cheers up my mood. Research has also found that chocolates can be useful in overcoming the stress and depression in one’s life.

Chocolates (especially the Galaxy dark, my all time favorite) were my only lunch that I used to take with me to school when all my friends used to bring paratha rolls and egg sandwiches. Interestingly, I have eaten chocolates throughout my teenage and I did not get a single pimple, even though my skin is oily. I do not want to generalize it but I think its a misconception that chocolates lead to pimples. Also, during my O and A-Levels, I used to treat myself with chocolates after finishing each chapter which used to provide me with motivation to study further. I would like to give this as a tip to all the students as it was one of the source that helped me get distinctions.

In short, I really love chocolates and I relish trying different variety of them. Below, I have shared some pictures with my favorite chocolate quotes.

P.S I would love to know which chocolate is liked by you guys the post. 😛


Lahore, you are going to be missed


I have created some amazing memories living in Lahore for almost three years which I would cherish for the rest of my life. It’s a small, beautiful city with greenery on both sides of the road  all the way from DHA to Canal view. I loved the experience of living as an independent person and going out for cold coffee to beat the extreme heat of summers in rickshaw. The food in Lahore is amazing especially the chicken kebabs and meetha paan which I ate at  food street and stuff chicken of gourmet. It’s a city with rich history and I enjoyed visiting Badshahi mosque, minar -e-pakistan, fort and various other historical monuments which made me re-live the moghul history. Often on my way back from internship, I used to see buffalos and kids showering in the canal. As a person who loves traditional things, I will miss wandering in shops to find the right bangles,paranda, kola puri sandels and the embroided clothes especially near eid season. Being surrounded by people who all speak my own language made me feel comfortable although at a subconscious level.

I am really gonna miss this city when I leave it after an year but I am glad I got to live here. 😀

two and a half year of university done


I haven’t been able to write any blogs since almost an year as I had numerous projects to finish. Now that I am on a 5 days spring break, I thought of finally writing another post.

So peeps, its been almost 3 (actually two and a half years) of my university and I already feel sad that the university life is about to finish soon. At first, I used to think of getting all the semesters to be  done  with fast so that I can go back to where my family but now I want the time to slow down. The feeling of leaving your friends with whom you have spent your hostel life, the late night gossips and ordering of food at midnight and leaving behind all the amazing memories is depressing.

On a positive side, I have learned a lot of new things in these years. How to handle the pressure of studies, research and projects work have made me a better and a responsible person. Apart from studies, I have learned how to bargain with the rickshaw walas as my friends and I often go for shopping 😛 Also I now know how to negotiate with the shop keepers which previously my mom used to do. University life has made me an independent person.Also, I have started loving Lahore so much that I dont feel like leaving it. It is  a beautiful historic city of Pakistan and I find it very peaceful.

Now that only an year is left, I need to start preparing for the Gmat in order to get to a good grad-school or maybe get good job. Lets see what happens!

P.S if you have suggestions for a good grad univiersity, let me know

Liebster Award


I would like to thank Vinne of evewanderer11 for nominating me for this. I really appreciate that you took interest in my blog and gave me the prestige for being nominated.

با تشکر, (that's what we say in Persian)liebster-award-logoSo the questions that my nominator asked were
  1. What is the main reason why you started blogging?

I always wanted to write about my new life experiences and stories. I tried maintaining a couple of diaries about my daily journals but in travelling and shifting houses, they both got lost. So I found blogging a better and convenient option. Moreover, I like to share my life experiences with others and relish to read  about others too, which is also one motivation for me to continue my blogging.

2.What sort of activity you really wanted to do but too afraid to do it?

I want to do all sorts of adventurous activities like scuba diving and free diving, however I am too scared to even try it. However, I might in future get training and get rid of my fear.

3.What is your favorite colour and why?

My favorite color is black. Its because I usually look pretty in black dresses (I have got a lot of compliments when I wear black) and also because it is the color of Khana-e Kaaba.

4.Do you believe in horoscope?

Yes, to some extent I do believe in horoscope. Our sign has an impact on us and the movement of stars can impact our future. Although it sounds very superstitious but I think even though we can control most of the things but there are few things which are not in our control. This is why there is a field of astronomy and there are people who study it.

5.Are you left handed or right handed?

I am left handed.

6.What do you like most, reading or writing?

I like reading more than writing 😛

7.Do you have any New Year resolution? please explain.

I dont like making any new Year resolutions unless I follow them precisely. All I believe is that with each passing year, I want to become a better me and to help the poors as much as I can.

8.What is your favorite season?

Spring is my favorite season when its neither too hot nor too cold. Also the city I currently resides in becomes so green and beautiful in spring.

9.If you have a million dollar what will you do to spend it and why?

I would want to visit the Disney World in Florida with my entire family as it has always remained my dad’s dream to take us to that place. Other than that, I really ( from all my hearts) want to help the poor Syrian refugees so I would  use that money to help them and to reduce their problems.

10.Taxi ride on a busy/traffic-jammed road or drive your own car?

Drive my own car.

11.What do you believe in?

I believe in God and I also believe that each one of us has been created for a special purpose and its about time we get to know what is it.

Here are my nominees, please check out their blogs as well 🙂

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My experience of living in Saudi Arabia


I have lived about four years in Al-Khobar which is one of the  peaceful cities of Saudi Arabia and wanted to share my experience with all those who are planning to and have lived there. I did my O and A- Levels from there and  had quite a difference experience if I compare it with my life in Pakistan. I consider my self lucky to have lived in Saudi Arabia because I was able to visit the holy places- Makkah and Madina almost after every six months. Moreover, I got to explore a lot of deserts and different kind of mountains along the highway. On the route from Dammam to Riyadh there are red mountains which darkens as we move further and turn completely black with gold mines near Jeddah. Although its hard to find greenery but there are always  lots of camels on the sides of the highway.  The locals love their camels so much that there is a fine of thousands of riyal if anyone hits a camel on highway so we always had to be careful.

On the contrary, the weather is hot most of the times and sometimes wearing Abaya (a black gown compulsory for women) in the scorching sun annoyed me. Though most of the times, I felt abaya as a blessing as it didn’t require me to change clothes and dress up every time I had to go out. Other thing is that all the shops close down during the prayer time which I have never seen happening in other Muslim countries. I found it to be a good thing as it motivates people to leave all their work and pray.

Moreover, there are separate family and bachelors section in all the restaurants and women are not allowed to talk to any non- Mahram otherwise Muttawa’s are always there to give lectures. Also, women are not allowed to drive which is considered peculiar by many. However when in compound, a women can drive on her own. One more thing, there are no cinemas in Saudi Arabia so when ever we had to watch a new movie, we had to go to Bahrain…yes, a different country just for that.

Overall, I found the country to be safe and peaceful. I consider it as a good experience of my life.


A tribute to all my teachers


Today is not a teachers day but still I want to thank all my teachers who have helped me to become who I am today. I was just going through my previous report cards and thought about all the lovely teachers, each of whom provided me with knowledge and guidance. I remember that I was an average student in grade 3 but my teacher, Miss Sabrina (if thats the right spelling) spent extra time with me and pushed me towards studies. Had she not motivated me, I might still be struggling in studies. Thanks a lot teacher. When in grade 5 I found Urdu language difficult, my teacher Mrs Tazeen gave special remarks and stars each time I had an essay free of grammatical errors which encouraged me to work extra hard in that subject. In grade 7, my English teacher selected me for Spelling Bee Competition when I was unsure of winning. She built my confidence and taught me to believe in my self. Getting my excellence award in English in my O-Levels was because she strengthened my foundation. All my teachers in my primary and secondary classes were exceptional in their own way. I consider myself blessed to have these loving teachers in my life who provided me with in-dept knowledge and I want to thank them all if I get a chance to meet them again.


For my Dad


No matter how far I am from you,

I will always love you.

Its not the distance that matter, but the memories we have shared.

All the hard work you have work for me, all the knowledge you have given to me will not go in vain,

because I promise I will never let you down.

You are a diamond who has taught me all the good I know,

And I wish to be like you, to pass on your knowledge to the generation that is to come.

I am not a good expressor but I want you to know that you are my everything.

No matter where time takes me, whether the distance between us increases,

I will always and always love you.father day5


Time changes all-Part I


16th December 1980: ‘Ding-dong!’, the door-bell rang. I was in my bedroom preparing for my Bachelors final exam. ‘It must be someone from Citi Bank claiming to confiscate our home as the loan taken by Abba has still not been paid’ I thought to myself’.

“Rashida switch off the lights and pretend as if no one is at home.” I whispered to my younger sister.

Ever since I remember, we have been living in the same two bedroom apartment in Nazimabad. Abba was an accounts officer in a small government organization and amma used to teach Quran to kids in the neighbourhood. In this way, my parents earned monthly income just sufficient to meet our home expenses and to get me and Rashida a good education. Four years ago,  Abba took a loan in order to  pay the fees of my four-years university education. However, he did not get the salary raise which he was expecting due to organisation’s politics and thus has been unable to pay back the loan.

“Bhai, for how long do we have to lie and make excuses to the bank. Why can’t   khala pay the loan for us?, Rashida asked me. Rashida was right but she was only in grade 5 and didn’t know anything. Khala was the principal in a renowned school and used to live in Defence. But she has stopped helping amma since the time amma fell in love with abba. She used to call amma often, not to generously help us but to know about our financial condition. All my maternal relatives were against this marriage as according to them abba was not of their status. Since the marriage, amma’s relatives broke the link with her including khala. Rashida would know this all when she grows up so for now I diverted her mind into cartoons.

It seemed that the men on door had gone as there were no more bells and door knocks to be heard. I timidly stood up and switched on the lights. When I went near the door, to my surprise, I saw an envelope which was slid from the door. It read ‘Jarir Sons’. What is this…? I thought to myself. I slowly opened the envelope and found a letter with ‘Congratulations’ written with a large and bold font. ‘You have been shortlisted for the position of an Assistant manager for the Electrical department in Jarir Sons. Interview is to be held tomorrow in Pearl Continental at 8:30 a.m.’ Oh my God!! I was flabbergasted as I just applied for this position knowing that I wouldn’t be selected four months ago and have completely forgotten about it. Amma Abba both have remained tensed the whole year due to the payment of loan but this news made them extremely happy.

Next day I went for the interview and within two weeks I got a positive reply. I had been selected for Kuwait branch of Jarir Sons for this position out of 250 applicants. “Things are to change for good, my son” exclaimed abba. And they surely were. God helped us in time when we needed it the most.

20th May 1981: I completed my Bachelors in Electrical engineering and went to Kuwait the next week to start my job. During last year, we got the final notice from Citi bank to leave the home as the loan wasn’t paid yet. Hence we rented a small cottage nearby.

My job career was about to start. I was scared in the beginning but I knew I had to work hard and get my parents not only the home back but also to get them respect from my amma’s relatives. Initially it was hard for me to adjust in an unknown Arab speaking country but I worked with full determination. I used to get back home at 6 pm and used to teach Physics and Mathematics tuition to earn extra income.

I got promotion after six months of work and immediately paid the Citi Bank loan. Now half of my aim of coming here was accomplished as we got our home back.

I got a call from amma late at night telling me that khala called her and was stunned to hear that Hassan has got a job-that too in Kuwait and have paid the loan. “Amma, one day I will get you your respect back and tell your relatives that marrying Abba was not a wrong decision. It is not the status or the wealth that matters but love.” I told her after which she got emotional and prayed for my success.

I worked in Kuwait for 10 years in which I saved a decent proportion of my income and came back to Pakistan because of Kuwait-Iraq war otherwise my job was stable and I was satisfied. During this period of time, we shifted from Nazimabad to Defence. Rashida got admission in a good college and I asked Abba to take retirement as I would handle all the household expenses. Moreover, as amma’s relatives came to know about our status upgrade who once humiliated abba of his low status, called her and asked to forgive them. Amma has forgiven everyone and Khala now visits our home quite often.

Jan 1991: I have settled back in Pakistan and have got a job in Abott. Both my objectives of going to Kuwait have been fulfilled. Time definitely changes everything. But from the experience of my parents I have realized that it is the wealth that the world is running for. Once you gain wealth everyone will become your friend and if not, then people will humiliate you just like in amma’s case.

To be continued….

No room for regret…I wish I had another life to live


Here I am on the hospital bed recalling my entire life. I can hear the cries of my parents and my nearest friends but I cannot move or tell them how sorry I was for all the mistakes I made and the people I ever hurt. I belonged to a Muslim family. My grandparents were very religious and always used to advice me to pray five times a day and to be a good Muslim however I took things for granted and never took their advices seriously. My ambition had always been to become a successful business woman with fame, name and money. I considered my grandparents to be old fashioned and since my childhood I dreamt of achieving success. Nevertheless I had been thankful to God for blessing me with good memory and capacity to learn. It was in grade 6 when I came first in class and it was that day I promised myself to work hard in order to get into a good university as I knew my parents weren’t wealthy enough to afford my university fees. With each passing years I could see myself achieving more awards and going away from God. I did not want to be like my parents who thanked God as they were satisfied with their mediocre lifestyle. With time I left my old sincere friends and befriended the girls from popular group in order to gain fame. I remember playing cards with them at the time of Maghreb instead of praying namaz, listening music and dancing late at nights because if I left the game and went for namaz I would be considered odd one and I did not want to be that. My mother always used to tell me that this world is temporary…it is nothing but like our exam. The more we indulge in materialism the more we will go away from God. Life is beautiful if we get ourselves close to God. However I was young, proud and I thought I had plenty of time to Taw bah and everything will get fine in the end. In grade 10, I even took off my hijab because I wanted to be like majority of other girls. I knew I was doing wrong but my evil side forced me to do it. To my surprise I gained even more attention as I looked more beautiful; and made a lot of affluent friends. As I could see my dream of becoming successful come closer I decided never to wear my hijab. Despite the fact that I was good at studies, famous in college and used to win several awards but I had lost my identity of being a good Muslim. Even though I was still a Muslim by name but I did not practice any of the religious activities as I had no time for it. On a quick note, I got into Harvard Business School with hundred percent scholarship and after graduating I got a good job.  Where ever I used to go people used to praise me of how multi talented I was except for my parents. My parents were worried about my akhira (the life after death) because even though I might be a good business woman but I was not a good Muslim. I got so busy with my career and success that I had no time for my parents’ advices. Furthermore, over the period of time I became arrogant because I had achieve everything I wanted.  It was the last day before I got hospitalized that I became angry at my mom for continuously telling me to do Taw bah rather than praising me on my success. I left the home with anger and I was driving at 150miles/hr to the meeting when my car got hit with the truck .The last thing I remember was my head hitting the stirring and me realizing that my life is over with in the blink of an eye.

Now I am in coma and I heard the doctors saying that my survival chances are 0.5%. My mother is standing near me reciting Surah Yaseen and asking Allah to forgive me. This is time I realized that life is just a temporary journey where we have been sent to become good people. Even though there is Satan encouraging us to do things which are sinful but we should have a strong nafs to control ourselves. I wished I had balanced the world with Deen, prayed Allah and not listened music. I wished I had not taken my hijab off because the people in this world will forget me some time after my death but the punishment I will receive in Hell will be forever. I was blessed to have been born in a religious family but I did not listen them. All the worldly glitter attracted me to commit sins. I remember my grandmother had a smile on her face while she was dying but I am scared…so scared of death. I don’t know what is going to happen next. I wish I had another chance to live where I could become a better person and tell other Muslims of not doing the mistakes that I had performed.

To all my western impressed Muslim friends

Written by: Mehak Ali

P.S. Forgive me for anything I have written wrong.Comments are always welcomed.