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How I got my spectacles…:(


I never ever thought I would have to wear glasses 24/7.I used to tease my siblings as they used to wear their spectacles.Well,its a really weird story.Since my eyelashes are brown in colour and my mom and sister have dark black lashes,they always used to tell me that my eyelashes are so light and they are not visible.Having long eyelashes is indeed a sign of beauty so I decided to put castor oil on them.

Castor oil is known to make ones hairlong and thick,However I was very stupid and I started putting oil on the top aswell as lower eyelashes twice a day.Alot of oil used to get inside my eyes but I used to ignore it.Everyday I used to stare at my eyelashes and I really thought they were getting thicker and longer(just a physcological effect) but I started having pain and irritation in my eyes.Then I heard from my friends that if oil goes inside our eyes it could turn us blind.Oh my god,since that day I completely discontinued its use.