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A trip to Lahore-for the very fist time (2005)


We had spring holidays for a week.My dad is an adventurous person and he loves to make some random plans.At the first day of our holidays,there was a blast in Karachi and a cerfuw was put on the whole city.It meant that no one was allowed to come out of their homes.We were so bored so my dad decided to go to Lahore for 5 days.I forgot to mention that people were allowed to go to airport and hospitals.

Me and my siblings were extremely excited as it was the first time we were sitting in the plane.I had visited airport 100s of times but just to pick and drop my relatives and I had always wondered what it was to be inside the airport.We hurridly packed our clothes in our school bags since we had no suitcases(It was an unplanned trip) and went to Jinnah International Airport,Karachi.

Those were the times when I had no tension of studies and external board exams as I was just in grade 5.Since it was a domestic flight so we got the tickets immediately and we went in the lounge.The airport was huge and well-organized from the inside.

We got the tickets of Aero Asia(which is now closed) and went inside the plane.Now me and my siblings were fighting on who is going to sit on the window side because we all wanted to see the view when the plane is taking off and landing.Well it was decided that I will sit on the seat during its taking off.My sister will exchange and sit on the window seat during landing and my brother will sit the next time when we would be coming back.

Now the most funny part was when the plane was taking off.I started screaming as the plane went under a slight turbulence.The airhostress came and calmed me down.how embarrassing.And how can I forget the food…it was delicious although I don’t remember what it was exactly.

After we reached Lahore,my dad took the bus from the airport and took us to Minar-e-Pakistan.It was amazing to see a monument which I had seen in my history books.Then we went to Badshahi mosque , Shahi Qila and the Wagah border.I had a great time.Lahore was so green and it had a natural beauty.I sat on Chingi(a cycle rickshaw)for the first time.

The most memorable place in Lahore was the food street.There were about hundred restaurants in a line and the mesmirising smell of food urged me to taste most of the things.We ate hareesa,baked fish,chicken tikka and katakat.We stayed in our aunts home for 3 days.I also shopped from Liberty and fortress stadium.It was a remarkable trip overall.