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Welcome to the season of mangoes ^.^



People of Pakistan love mangoes.Yes this is more than hundred percent true.Be they rich or poor,healthy or unhealthy,when it comes to mangoes,the Pakistani’s can not resist.

There are people in my extended family who have diabetes yet they eat atleast one mango in a day if not more.The day I landed in Pakistan my aunt bought 2 kilo mangoes and she forced me to eat one of every type.Mango is known as the king of all fruits and is very delicious but eating so many at a time is lunatic.However I respect her and ate 5 mangoes together which included Chousa,SIndri,Landgra,Anwar Athol and Daseri.These are different categories of mango with distinctive taste.

The next day my uncle kept a mango party at his home. The food included the gravy of unriped mangoes with beef (which we call “carry ka gosht” in Urdu) with mango prickle.The sweet dish was mango ice cream and a variety of different mangoes and there was mango shake as a drink.The theme was amazing and so was everything.The party made me realize that people here adore mangoes.Everyone waits for summer as they will get to eat their favourite fruit.

Even if the prices of mangoes go high,it doesn’t affect the public because they can do anything to eat one.Moreover,the mangoes of Pakistan are extremely good in quality and are world wide imported.