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My awesome name.


My name is Mehak which is also the name of my avatar.It means,’A beautiful smell/fragrance’.My dad wanted to keep my name as ‘Yasmeen’ because it was the name of a lady he use to work with.His next option for my name was ‘Ghazal’which means song.

According to my mom she didn’t like the name Ghazal because names have a great impact on ones personality and I would always be singing if my name was put as ‘Ghazal’

So it was my granddad who named me as ‘mehak’. Honestly speaking I really like my name.Its small,simple and decent.It is an Urdu word.I never knew my name is so difficult to pronounce until I moved to SaudiArabia.The people here don’t know how to say my name correctly .Someof them say it Meehak or Mahek which becomes very annoying.

So the point is that I love my name and I am very thankful to my grand dad that he kept a good name for me.

Hey ,Do you know that I am a sort of person who gets really impressed by people’s name.I even judge people from their names.When I am free I just think of my favourite names and I love discussing names with my friends.I wonder what will happen when I will have to name my own children.This is what my friends laugh at.

Okay so I have a lot of favourite names for girls.Someof them are : Shanzeh,Alizeh,Anushey,Rida,Zehra and Fatima.