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Life is so busy that we rarely get time to sit back, reminiscing old joys or simply enjoying an afternoon tea. While in present we tend to think about the future and how to make it better. But how fool a man is, little does he know whats gonna happen with him next. But it would not be justice to put the entire blame on a man as this is how the world expects him to behave. As an Asian student, the society expects him to study hard and get the best grades he can. The teachers, parents and even the distant relatives want him to study and study. But what if he has some other talent say painting, No one really cares about it.
India has the highest number of suicides committed by students because of extreme competition and pressure to study. And when asked by elders why do they want their child to put in so much of the efforts, their answer is that it will lead to a better future. My question to all those parents is that what if the child develops an incurable disease because of extreme stress? So, why ruin the present for the future so unpredictable? Every child is different and will reach where he is destined to.
As soon as a man starts working, he sets goals for himself: promotion or to become the CEO in say the next seven years.And for this he might tell lies, do unnecessary buttering or get involved in organisation’s politics. He destroys his current peace of mind for the future peace. I am not saying that every one in the top position does that…No…but many do.
Every day I observe so many people in Coffee shops having a cold coffee or a dessert while busy on phone, arranging meetings or writing reports and I am one of them as well. We are always thinking about the future…completing work before deadline to avoid future penalty, to get greater pay, future recognition etc but do you ever think that this stressful life has an adverse affect on our health!
We need to take out time for ourselves from the busy routine we are expected to follow. We should learn to live in the ‘present’ and find joy in the small things happening around us before it is too late. We need to slow down and take a break to find our purpose of existence rather than doing things because of societal pressure.

Peace in Pakistan


Hoping to get  the long desired peace in Pakistan has been the main concern of the media during the past few days.There are a lot of high hopes from the 12th elect Pakistani President -Mamnoon Hussain who is an IBA graduate that he will certainly help the country to improve its economic standards.

It is a mere fact that the entire Pakistan saw its worse five years when People Party was in power.Mr Mamnoon is a well educated person and his interview aired on ARY news yesterday brought hope to all Pakistani’s that this change will bring betterment in our country.

The biggest question is ,’Can we ever bring peace in Pakistan?’. Definitely yes.The simple solution is to eradicate poverty and to provide necessities(shelter,clothes and food) to the unpreviledged members of our society.Satisfaction in everyone’s life will be the starting of a peaceful nation.I believe that peace can not be brought by prayers and meditation but only by action.And I do wish that the new powerful party-i.e PML Nawaz along with the new elected President will work to fulfill their promises to the general public.

A peaceful Pakistan is a dream of every citizen.Our country has been blessed with every sort of natural resources(from minerals,goldmines,scenic beauty to the Arabian sea and the beautiful five rivers).Despite these resources Pakistan has been the victim of instability due to high corruption rate and terrorism.

Peace leads to prosperity and happiness.Thus it is the responsibility of every citizen to work with determination so that they can contribute towards the development of the peaceful nation.



A beutiful day



See the sun shining on the window,

Its time to start a new day

Birds are chirping round in the garden,

Its such a lovely day

It’s a beautiful day to sing a song,

It’s a beautiful day to move along,

It’s a beautiful day to do what we want to do…

Lets join hands and work together,

To bring the lost peace.

It’s a day to wake up people,

Our unity will tranquilize our Mother Earth!!

It’s a beautiful day to forgive others,

It’s a beautiful day to make new friends,

It’s a beautiful day to do what I want to do…

I dream of a day…


  • I dream of a day when the world will be full of peace with no room for hatred,vengeance and fiendish acts.
  • I believe in hope and dream of a peaceful motherearth where terrorism would be unheard off.
  • I dream of the world where all the religions are respected and everyone lives safe and sound with no fear.



“You may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one,

I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one”