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A post dedicated to my grand father


My grandfather(my mom’s dad) is an awesome person indeed.Since my childhood I don’t remember a single time when he complained about pain.He never let other not even his own children know if he is suffering from any sort of agony or stress.Moreover, he loves to do others work.Even if he is tired and some one has given his a work,he would do that before sleeping.He is a generous person.

Everytime he comes to our house,he brings chocolates for me because he knows that is my favourite thing.He even bring clothes for us when he comes from Dubai.He is a very nice grand dad and I am glad to be close to him.When free he tells me his stories of the time before the partitioning of sub continent.

My grand dad was just 12 when sub continent was divided into India and Pakistan.He faced the difficulties of migration.Her elder sister went to drink water when the train stopped and never retured back. 😦  My grand dad’s family stayed in Lahore for a year before finally moving to Karachi.He did Matric at the age of 13 and passed out with flying colours despite the fact that he was under aged.Furthermore he passed the CA exam which is the matter of pride for his family.

He is now 72 years old Masha Allah and I pray to God to give him a long and happy life.I love you grand father.There are a lot of things I haven’t asked you.Please come back from Dubai,I really miss you.