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After one complete month of fasting we have a great day to celebrate that is Eid-ul-Fitr which is also called the methi(sweet) eid. Its a three days occasion filled with fun and joy.

People make new dresses and cook their favourite sweet dish at home.Even the ladies go to parlour to get their facial,eyebrows and hair cut done.If you really want to see the craze please make a visit to Karachi on Chaand Raat(the night before eid)

You wont believe that all the Karachities are out of their home (despite the high crime rate) enjoying the happy moments with their family.

For me the best thing about eid is Mehndi.I love henna and I don’t remember any Eid on which my hands were not filled with beautiful red patterns and design.I was so lunatic that till grade 7 I used to go to Parlour to get Mehndi/Henna on my hands till elbow giving the beautician 500 rupees for one side of the hand.

Last year I took classes and learned myself how to apply the designs on others hand.So this will be the first eid of my life when I will put mehndi my self instead of wasting my parents money and compelling them to take me to the beauty parlour.

The bright red patterns look amazing on lady’s hand and I believe that everyone should apply henna on their hands atleast once.It looks great!