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Muree,Pindi and Islamabad


In 2005 we went to Lahore.In the same trip we took the Daewoo bus and went to Islamabad.It was a 4 hours journey and the motorway was very well constructed.Islamabad was so clean and green.I had never seen such greenery in Karachi.We all were so tired and were half sleeping,so couldn’t see the view properly.All I remember is that in was night(late evening)when we reached the central islamabad.We took the taxi and went to the Faisal Mosque.After that we asked the same taxi driver to take us to Murree which is about 58 km from Islamabad.We trip the whole time in taxi.Just imagine what would happen if the driver took us somewhere else or would have kidnapped us.Anyways Murree is located in the Northern part of Pakistan.It is a hilly area and the weather was very pleasant.At first I thought that the mountain is covered with snow cap but later I came to know that it was just the smoke when I went near it.We sat on the Chair lift in Patrita.It was so much fun.My memories about this trip are as vivid and clear as if it was just yesterday that all this happened.I really wish that I can revisit Murree again with my family.(Ameen)