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to my grandmother.i miss you alot


Its been five years that you have left us all but you are and will always remain in my heart.You were the love of my life.You were only 60 when you left us.Oh my lovely grandma who left us all stranded but as you know life continues to go on.It took me so long to start a new life without you.

I used to sleep with you and you taught me lovely stories.And you were the one I was most close to.I used to tell every thing that happened in my school about my friends and teachers.You always prayed for me to get a good husband because you did not get one.

yes,she had a very difficult life yet she was a strong lady.She got divorced when she was only 22 with two kids.However she brought my dad and my aunt very nicely.My eyes at the moment are blurred because I cannot stop myself from crying.You were a very knid lady.Da I love you a lot please come in my dreams.

You know,grandma my parents are so busy.Mom teaches in school and she comes home tired and dad lives in another city for work.I dont have anyone to share my feelings with.Why does life has to do this..Why?

I wish I can grow up to be as gentle as you are and I really want to open a charity organization from your name so that my future generation can run it and always remember you.

I know that time that has gone can never come back but those were the best days in my life.I used to be so carefree and now I am about to start my new life..that is university .please do pray for me from heaven.

I love you .:(