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A forgotten me


I always wanted to live a long life–a very long life but death is inevitable and can occur any time.I had the best family with a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters.Also I had a wonderful job with a handsome salary.I always considered myself as a fortunate person who has a successful family as well as career life.People often called me arrogant but never did I change my attitude.I was indulged in the glitter and the glamor of the business world.Sometimes I used to lie in my job so to make the most profit.I cared of no one but my self.

I used to visit my docter regularly to keep my self fit and active.I never realized that death was getting close to me year by year.One day like usual I was going to my job and was already five minutes late.I speeded up the car as I had an important business meeting.But alas I bumped into the tractor and got injured on my head.I don’t remember what happened next to me except that someone took me to  the hospital.

I really wanted my family to meet me for the very last time.I was continuously calling my wife’s name on the hospital bed but died before she reached.I felt someone was taking the soul out of my body.I felt  an excruciating pain.I wanted to shout and call for help but my body was numb.I knew I had already died and it was my soul which was facing the tremor.

There were very less people of my funeral because my collegue did never like my arrogant and harsh attitude.I was buried and my children placed flowers all around my grave.They cried for a while and left me all alone.After a while some angels came to my grave and questioned me.They had a list of sins that I have done in this world and they gave me punishment for every sin I made.I had never felt this bad in my life.The grave was so hot and there were insects eating my flesh.I had no air conditioner and no worldly luxury with me.I remained in agony for more than five years and after all my sins were washed away I was given a chance to visit my family back.

I disguised myself into a pigeon and went to my home.Ahhh it felt so great to be here again.The smell of the blossoming of flowers in my garden was so amazing.But to my surprise I saw my wife kissing a stranger.Later I realized that my wife has married another person who had more wealth than I did.My daughters(whom I was proud upon) were fighting because they both liked the same guy.

It seemed like I was forgotten for ever.I wanted to tell everyone especially my family that this life is nothing but an exam whos judge is God-the most beneficiant and merciful.The office I used to work has hired another person inplace of me and have flourished.My friends, life never stops for anyone.We should be blessed that god had given us a chance to enjoy the beauty of this world.We should never be arrogant and should continue to help others so that life after death can be easy for us.

I wanted just one more chance to relife and to undo my mistakes but my time was over.I went back to my grave where I am and will remain.(my home after death)