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Apricot Oil-GoNatural Review


I was previously using processed oils on my hair such as Amla Oil by Dabur and Coconut Oil by Parachute which have been good for hair growth but they had perfume and other chemicals added. Now that I have become conscious of using only natural ingredients on my hair and skin, I decided to change my hair oil.

This is when I went to AlFatah in DHA Lahore, and saw a huge range of oils by Go-Natural which claims of using 100% pure ingredients that are cold-pressed. I liked its transparent packaging and that one bottle goes a long way. Therefore I bought its coconut as well as Apricot oil and I have absolutely loved both of them.

This was the first time that I used Apricot Oil on my hair but as mentioned on its bottle, it does make my hair soft and shiny. The best thing about apricot oil is that it is absorbed by the hair quickly so the hair doesn’t look oily at all. I apply a little oil on my scalp and the ends, massage it and leave it on my hair for 30-45 mins. This oil is easier to wash and I have noticed hair growth as well. One could also apply the little oil on the hair tips after bath in order to control the frizz without spraying harsh chemicals.

Apricot oil as mentioned on GoNatural’s bottle is rich in Vitamin A and E which promotes hair growth. As it is made of 100% apricot, it is also safe to apply a little amount on the face as a moisturizer as apricot slows the ageing process. This oil is fragrance free and costs around Rs.360.

On the whole, I love this oil and would purchase other oils such as that of Black Seed and Pumpkin from Go-Natural.

Lahore, you are going to be missed


I have created some amazing memories living in Lahore for almost three years which I would cherish for the rest of my life. It’s a small, beautiful city with greenery on both sides of the road  all the way from DHA to Canal view. I loved the experience of living as an independent person and going out for cold coffee to beat the extreme heat of summers in rickshaw. The food in Lahore is amazing especially the chicken kebabs and meetha paan which I ate at  food street and stuff chicken of gourmet. It’s a city with rich history and I enjoyed visiting Badshahi mosque, minar -e-pakistan, fort and various other historical monuments which made me re-live the moghul history. Often on my way back from internship, I used to see buffalos and kids showering in the canal. As a person who loves traditional things, I will miss wandering in shops to find the right bangles,paranda, kola puri sandels and the embroided clothes especially near eid season. Being surrounded by people who all speak my own language made me feel comfortable although at a subconscious level.

I am really gonna miss this city when I leave it after an year but I am glad I got to live here. 😀

two and a half year of university done


I haven’t been able to write any blogs since almost an year as I had numerous projects to finish. Now that I am on a 5 days spring break, I thought of finally writing another post.

So peeps, its been almost 3 (actually two and a half years) of my university and I already feel sad that the university life is about to finish soon. At first, I used to think of getting all the semesters to be  done  with fast so that I can go back to where my family but now I want the time to slow down. The feeling of leaving your friends with whom you have spent your hostel life, the late night gossips and ordering of food at midnight and leaving behind all the amazing memories is depressing.

On a positive side, I have learned a lot of new things in these years. How to handle the pressure of studies, research and projects work have made me a better and a responsible person. Apart from studies, I have learned how to bargain with the rickshaw walas as my friends and I often go for shopping 😛 Also I now know how to negotiate with the shop keepers which previously my mom used to do. University life has made me an independent person.Also, I have started loving Lahore so much that I dont feel like leaving it. It is  a beautiful historic city of Pakistan and I find it very peaceful.

Now that only an year is left, I need to start preparing for the Gmat in order to get to a good grad-school or maybe get good job. Lets see what happens!

P.S if you have suggestions for a good grad univiersity, let me know

A memorable trip


So it was the first time I was travelling alone and coming from Lahore to Dammam after the end of semester.I was so excited to meet my parents and siblings that I did all my packing two days before going. Moreover I reached airport 3 hours before the flight timings.However the weather was foggy and I had a feeling hat something wrong will happen and it did. t 7 pm there was an announcement that come to gate no.24 where we were informed that due to the foggy weather, he plane was unable to land and instead it has now gone to Karachi so kindly either go home or wait if you want to get a hotel.I felt so sad as it meant to live one more day without my mom 😦 Anyhow because the hostel was entirely empty as everyone has already left for their homes so I had no other option but to take hotel. Worse still there were very few ladies and the rest were men.Also most of the ladies did not even knew Urdu properly but thankgod I met two girls in the car on our way to the airport which provided me with the confidence.Finally we arrived in the ‘Crown Plaza Hotel’ which was a lot better than I expected.Never the less the dinner was not free and then I bought a burger of 45o rupees which did not taste so good.I was so sleepy but the two girls and I talked till the morning and then they took us to the airport at 8 am.Just imagine that we had to sit in the airport for almost 8 hours.I felt that today even we wont be able to go and finally the staff announced at 4;30 in the afternoon that your flight is ready to depart. This announcement gave me immense joy as finally I would be able to go back home for 3 weeks.It was a 5 hours long flight almost which ended my journey and I came to Saudia Arabia.I really wish that there is no such problem or fog when I go back to Lahore.

A trip to Lahore-for the very fist time (2005)


We had spring holidays for a week.My dad is an adventurous person and he loves to make some random plans.At the first day of our holidays,there was a blast in Karachi and a cerfuw was put on the whole city.It meant that no one was allowed to come out of their homes.We were so bored so my dad decided to go to Lahore for 5 days.I forgot to mention that people were allowed to go to airport and hospitals.

Me and my siblings were extremely excited as it was the first time we were sitting in the plane.I had visited airport 100s of times but just to pick and drop my relatives and I had always wondered what it was to be inside the airport.We hurridly packed our clothes in our school bags since we had no suitcases(It was an unplanned trip) and went to Jinnah International Airport,Karachi.

Those were the times when I had no tension of studies and external board exams as I was just in grade 5.Since it was a domestic flight so we got the tickets immediately and we went in the lounge.The airport was huge and well-organized from the inside.

We got the tickets of Aero Asia(which is now closed) and went inside the plane.Now me and my siblings were fighting on who is going to sit on the window side because we all wanted to see the view when the plane is taking off and landing.Well it was decided that I will sit on the seat during its taking off.My sister will exchange and sit on the window seat during landing and my brother will sit the next time when we would be coming back.

Now the most funny part was when the plane was taking off.I started screaming as the plane went under a slight turbulence.The airhostress came and calmed me down.how embarrassing.And how can I forget the food…it was delicious although I don’t remember what it was exactly.

After we reached Lahore,my dad took the bus from the airport and took us to Minar-e-Pakistan.It was amazing to see a monument which I had seen in my history books.Then we went to Badshahi mosque , Shahi Qila and the Wagah border.I had a great time.Lahore was so green and it had a natural beauty.I sat on Chingi(a cycle rickshaw)for the first time.

The most memorable place in Lahore was the food street.There were about hundred restaurants in a line and the mesmirising smell of food urged me to taste most of the things.We ate hareesa,baked fish,chicken tikka and katakat.We stayed in our aunts home for 3 days.I also shopped from Liberty and fortress stadium.It was a remarkable trip overall.