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My feelings about the karachi’s devastating blasts


Yesterday it was the deadliest and the saddest day in the history of karachi.Dozens of innocents lost their lives and several hundred were injured.The worst part was that the flats on the main road of Abbas town got destroyed,taking the lives of people inside them.

When the first blast occured near the Shia mosque,children came into their balconies because of the noise and alas they fell from their balconies as the second blast struck the same area.Worse still,after the blast when people gathered the neighbourhood to call ambulance,some fiendish people stole every valuable things they found from the remains of the apartments.This shows that criminals did not even feel a tinch of pain and their hearts are as hard as rocks.No police came to secure the area…

Abbas town has always been targeted because majority shia population lives in this area.Government did not condole was this deadly act which proved that they are extremely merciless.The question that always fills my eyes with tears is that why are always shia’s targeted.Arent they humans who have an equal right to live.But then I realise that this has been the case from the starting of Islam.

Karbala is the biggest example of injustice experienced by the Ahlebait.Well have you ever wondered what does the word ‘Shia” means.Today i would like to tell you that Shia means those people who love Hazrat Ali(A.S) inorder to clarify this to my Muslim brothers and sisters.It was Yazid ibn muawiya who commanded his soldiers to kill the entire family of holy Prophet just to rule the country and promised this friends that he will fill their homes with gold and diamonds.Greedy people killed the direct blood of holy prophet without shame and thought they have gained victory.They called themselves Muslims but in actual they were the killers of Islam as Holy Prophet himself said that those who are enemy of Ahlebait are also my enemies.

I just wonder why are people always lusted my money and gems.These are all worldy pleasures which takes people away from religious acts.People can do anything for money and power because they are ruled by Satan.I wish everyone can realise that anyone who kills even one person is the killer of entire humanity and the world can live in peace.

I believe that karachi has been experiencing deadly blasts since the last year because people have deviated from the path of Islam.There are music concerts everywhere in the city when we know that listening songs is disliked my Allah.Moreover ladies go out of their homes without hijabs which is haram.Why are we so much influenced by west?Why? It is one of the signs of the day of judgement that people will feel proud of doing something forbidden and will feel shameful of doing the right thing.Most girls feel that without hijab they may look beautiful but have you ever wondered why is hijab compulsory in Islam?

This is because hijab has alot of benefits.Firstly it protects you from Satan who enters into you directly from your head.It covers your body in a respectable way and prevents non mahram from getting bad thoughts about you.

I certainly believe that we muslims have forgotten our norms and this is the reason we are facing disasters.The proof of this is the riots going arount in the entire middle east_including Syria,Egypt,Bahrain,Libya and tunaisia.We have to change our self and follow the path of holy prophet if we want God to forgive our bad deeds and provide us with peace.

P.S I feel really emotional.I wish i could do something for the victims of the blast.

“People are asleep, and when they die they awake”. Hazrat Ali