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A mouse in my house


It was my first day in Pakistan and I came to my house.Oh god my was unable to recognize it as it was so dirty.I felt it was an insects staying place.I saw lizards,coackroaches,mosquitoes and the worst of all was the mouses.I screamed because my beautiful house was now conquered by insects.My dad told me to stay at my neighbours place for like 3 hours while he along with two maids cleaned the house.

 Well when I re entered my house,it was in a much better condition so I was able to  stay there that night.Sadly,there was one mouse which wasn’t killed.It continued running here and there(maybe he was angry to see us,aliens in its place after 4 years).Every time it came near me,I screamed at my pitch which used to make my heart beat faster.Oh gosh,it happened like four times while my father was outside.It didn’t let be sleep.I was so annoyed and pissed off.Finally it went in the kitchen and I thought it had gone out though the hole near the sink and I slept.

 I was so wrong.The next day I saw the same hairy and fat mouse now from the close up.I jumped and ran into my bedroom.My dad started laughing and bought a mouse trap.I placed the trap in the bedroom and successfully it went inside the trap and got stuck.The house keeper took the trap outside and freed the mouse.

I felt relieved for a while but it didn’t last longer.The next day I saw another mouse in my bedroom.I ran behind it and the mouse went and hid behind the oven.And till date(its been 4 days) it is still in my kitchen.It has truly pissed me off.I cant keep anything open in the kitchen.

if you guys have any suggestion how to kill a mouse plz do tell me.

Annoyed me.